How your romance characters grow?

Maybe you are writing a book of romance. How are you bringing your character into love? Love is more than just good looks and chemistry and compatibility. It’s about the inner work and the mindset changes that attracts love. How can you portray that in your character. To make the relationship and the character grow … Continue reading

Hey, are you having a bad day?

I know today may have been rough for you but, you made it through! You overcame! You managed to battle this day to carry on to tomorrow! I’m so freaking proud of you! Keep fighting and dont ever give up! I hope things manage to get easier as you go! But either way, I’ve got … Continue reading

Where are you headed in life?

Some thoughts to leave you with this week. First look at your life and then think of your life many years later. Visualize what would life be like to live exactly like you are many years from now. That is a scary thought to ponder 60 seconds to fuel your week. — Patrick Bet-David … Continue reading

Your Story matters

What is your story? A childhood drama, an adoption, being a military child, getting straight A’s, going on a soul searching journey? Maybe something embarrassing like being lost in a supermarket? Writing about ourselves is cathartic. However, some see it as intimidating, self-absorbed, or maybe embarrassing. But it is not. It can be freeing and … Continue reading

Writing prompts

  I have been finding tons of active writers on Instagram. It’s fun to find community and support. I have been scouring Instagram for other writers and I love writers with posts of one-liners that beg to be expanded. Here are a few. I created stories from their one-liner posts. So these were found on … Continue reading