About Me

By Christina Carpenter


The Key To Faith Blog is dedicated to everyone in need of  encouragement to be successful. My blog will feature articles and information to help you empower you for life! Thank you so much for visiting my new blog!

-Christina Carpenter



About the Author: 

I have always been a writer, I write poetry and fiction. These are my favorites ever since my youth. I am starting to do more non fiction. I am a sunday school teacher for three and four year olds. I am a chior member.  I love to write just as much as I enjoy singing (soprano), dancing (liturgical), poetry (God inspired) and art (beautiful and inspirational). I am very creative oriented.

I am from NY and I love God so everything I do is for his glory. Anything you read will have something to do with my faith. Faith is important and I know Faith is the key. Only through relationship with the Heavenly Father does it grow and only through believing does it work.

My relationship with the heavenly Father began the day I gave my life to Jesus Christ.





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