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From Day 6 of my poetry book

( From “Reflection On the Eternal Lover”) Day 6 TRUST GOD TO BE . . . Trust in God to be your Hope and Strength, To pick you up when you’ve fallen down. To be your Comfort, To be your Guide, To be your Listener, Of things you wish to hide. To be your Friend, … Continue reading

Ponder The Wonders

In my Poetry/devotional book  there is a poem on Day Seven called, Ponder The Wonders. It is all about the beauty of life. I wrote this poem many years ago,  on a MTA train going to my school. (Imagine the lack of beauty there … or plethora off beauty.) At the time I was in a reflective mood of how awesome God is. I ended it … Continue reading


Sitting by a stream. Walking on a beach. Reading a good book. Allow time to do something less busy and more reflective. You’ll feel better. You’ll be more productive and you will have enjoyed life more readily. Have a peaceful day. – Christina C.