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Staying Connected to God

I saw a speech today that got me so excited  because of its timeliness and depth.  It is for women’s month and staying connected to our roots as women who can achieve great things. Here are the notes from that speech, by Louise Manigault, “Stay Connected.” God has a plan for us Jeremiah 29:11 Have … Continue reading

 Jackie Mason Ministries – BuildUP! Blog

Jackie Mason Ministries – BuildUP! Blog via  Jackie Mason Ministries – BuildUP! Blog. I found a NEW blog I like. Jackie Mason is cool, I like how organized her website is and how thorough it is. The website is a picture of perfection for an artist and a writer like me. The ministry purpose is awesome. I … Continue reading

Philippians. The book of rejoicing

My Church, Christ Tabernacle, is doing a study on the book of Philippians, in the Bible. This is a book written by Paul and is a book that is written to the church in Philippi. Apostle Paul is writing to encourage them. The book is only four chapters long but is packed full of memorable verses. … Continue reading

Excellence is a journey

  The struggle for excellence is a part of life If there were no struggle there could be no birth No new thing would result Things would repeat and never get better Thank God for the struggle Out of it you will get better Every good thing comes after a hard trail Every testimony comes … Continue reading