The boldness of writing (anything)

The writers life is unique As a writer you have to go through something in life. And you have to have an interesting view of life or just a vivid imagination. As a writer you have to be curious to explore other worlds mentally and physically. Even explore other styles and share it. As a writer you share … Continue reading

Wonderful women Wednesday: Iyanla Vanzant

By Christina Carpenter Iyanla Vanzant She was born in this Month of September, so it’s her month for a highlight!! Iyanla Vanzant is known as a spiritual teacher, author, and life coach. She is originally from Brooklyn. She has had a hard life way back when she was only a young girl growing up between … Continue reading

Wonderful Women Friday: Oprah Spot light

By Christina Carpenter Wonderful Women Wednesday: Oprah   Oprah: what an iconic name and person.   I’ve always enjoyed the beauty, grandeur, transparency, and her real conversations on her show and in her magazines. Oprah Magazine was my bread and butter growing up while sitting in my African-American stylist hair salon and going to college. … Continue reading