The Book

Reflections on the Eternal Lover

First edition of Poetry Book Published Nov 21 2011

Second Edition published September 20 2012

 By Christina Carpenter






A few words to describe– THIS BOOK OF POETRY!

Find God in everything even poetic expressions!

It’s about who God is and how  he can obliterate fear, doubt, insecurity, and bring the hope we need through His eternal love. These poems from my own journals of insights on finding God in life’s confusion and purposes.  The poems don’t rhyme but they are free verse. The book is  a testament to any person’s celebration of the freedom and love– found in Jesus Christ, the only true lover, when all hope is lost and life sometimes disappoint you.

The book is meant to inspire you and engage you. You could be sick, you could be depressed, you could be happy, and you could be praising God. Each poem will find you somewhere and meet you. They are engaging. This comes from scriptures to think about, the questions in the back of the book and the daily forty day format. You really have to read it when you are not distracted and soak in the meaning. Take a poem and get uplifted. The poems are not difficult to read but they are real and I believe understandable.

I felt it good to do this book because first of all I am a hobby writer and have been encouraged that my poetry was good to read. So why not share them with other people, like you.

Find the book online at and

Price is $13.00 US

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