Let’s combat some excuses around the book writing

You feel strapped for time: BELIEVE ME, you can always make the time. Replace one activity, social media, a trip to the mall, an outing with friends, food shopping or cooking and devote that time to writing your book. Just an hour a day to chip away at what needs to be accomplished. Rearrange your schedule; it is merely a mind game. Same as with exercise and eating better. It is possible to do what needs to be done if you care about the project.

You feel you don’t have experience. That is what I am here for, and also, Google is your friend. That is why the internet is here. There are so many resources to learn what to do. Type in “book writing” into the google search bar and see what pops up, online classes, workshops, conferences. Even better, go with the images, and you will find there are outlines, tips, templates for different types of books. The list is endless. How you do anything worth your interest is to immerse yourself into it. Make it a part of your everyday life in small ways.

You feel insecure about your writing skills. It’s ok. You have a right to feel scared about this but it should not stop you from moving forward. Did you stop going to elementary school because you couldn’t understand geometry or history? No, you kept on going, and you got through it to get the grade. All you need to do is get through it. The path is a learning experience. Be willing to learn and not be perfect. When and if you make a mistake, be ok with that. Have compassion for yourself. We all make mistakes in life and grow from it and then move on.

You feel that your first book has to be perfect. That is a worthy goal but not realistic. It can be near perfect, but no writeing is ideal at the beginning, give your best shot. Look at it as a growth process. You only want a completed manuscript ready to publish. You can spend years crafting the best book and never accomplish the dream of a book done, or you can put in a reasonable effort and let the chips fall where they may. AT LEAST YOU DID IT. Don’t put so much weight on failure INSTEAD turn it into a growth opportunity.

You feel you can’t write a book because you don’t read books—shame on you. I was kidding. Now is the time to start small. A little reading here and there to learn style and language structure. A little reading practice goes a long way. Read a chapter a day at night or in the morning. Read books you usually would not read. Expand your repertoire.

You feel you are not an expert. Now is the time to become one. MANY BOOK writers don’t start out knowing about their topic. Some research their way because of deep interest in the subject matter and then when they are done, they report their findings in the form of a book. You can do the same thing. Don’t reinvent the wheel. See what is out there and then report what you learn and coherently apply the lessons.

I want to write a memoir, but I don’t want people to know my history. You may be thinking, “I am fearful of telling what happened to me. I don’t want to be judged by people.” That choice is up to you. Give yourself time, but I assure you when you come to grips with what happened to you and when you frame your story in a way that helps someone else, then you get healing and find your inner voice as a writer.

I hope this list of excuses and reasons to keep pushing through writing will help you get motivated to start your first book and finish it.


Cheers to writing!!

Just keep writing and enjoy the process!

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