Writing prompts


I have been finding tons of active writers on Instagram. It’s fun to find community and support. I have been scouring Instagram for other writers and I love writers with posts of one-liners that beg to be expanded. Here are a few. I created stories from their one-liner posts.

So these were found on @amberrawrites

You check out her Instagram page for cool one-liners.


1. “Her parents were missing for the last three years and she couldn’t be happier.”

Richard was the worst Cocky, Arrogant, Loud, Biligerant, And Drunk. Heather was Abusive, Addicted, Codependent and Borderline.

The buck stopped with her. Life was good now. With heather and Richard out of the picture. Her life could soar. No parents could not damage her newborn child

Worst parents of her childhood life. Now she could live life on her terms. Raise a child in peace. Never would she let them near her again.

2. “One little lie destroyed my future”

Be this they told me

Your so beautiful they said

Your good at this they said

You are so talented they said

Now I’m alone

Top of the charts

With alcohol and drugs and money

3“The twin’s father disappeared  before the first line emerged”

He appeared in her life a swoop of good graces

Love support fun and excitement

They fell in love at first sight

Two years in love

They quickly headed for marriage

She was feeling ill some mornings

Didn’t think anything of it

Then decided for the heck of it to check it out

It was morning

She had taken the day off from work to rest

He went in worked at the twin towers downtown

She was in the bathroom

When her radio was playing news of something of a plane crash in New York City

She couldn’t make it out

But once finished in the bathroom took the stick with her

She stood in hall to hear better

The twin towers had gone down

Her life had changed forever from that point

He never came home again

And two twin boys were born 8 months later.

4. Prompt “Everything she wanted was standing right in front of her but the feeling was not mutual.”

Heartbreaking monkey brain

To be in love with someone who doesn’t love you

The dichotomy of hope and longing only to be met with rejection and ridicule

That sounds Like a tear-jerker

I hope there is someone else out there for her

It stinks to stare into someone’s eyes

To love them

But not know them entirely and the lack of desire in their heart

they have nothing towards you and their heart belongs to another

they have chained someplace else

Enjoy pleasure someplace else

Not with you

You are the castaway

An afterthought

Not a priority

Their mind heart and emotions are invested in someplace other

Someone other and outside of you

It’s a lonely place to be

And here you are still single and longing for a friend to meet you halfway

But there is no one

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