The writers I grew up reading in times gone by…

When you look at an author sometimes you can learn more about them from the books they grew up reading. These are the early influences. The early inspirations. Maybe you can glean insight from these authors. These are the books that I grew up with and remember learning about:

Meg Cabot author of the Princess diary series

Edger Allen Poe classics 

Ann M. Martin Baby sitters club series

Todd Strasser Help! I’m trapped in my sister’s body

Eric Knight who wrote Lassie

Carol Ryrie Brink Who wrote Caddie Woodlawn

Then in high school, I was aquatinted with famous classic black writers such as

W.E.B. Dubois

Fredrick Douglas

Langston Hughes

Native son author Richard Wright

Roots: The saga of an American family author Alex Haley 

The color of water author James McBride

The color purple author Alice Walker

Then during cultural months, I learned of the holocaust and writers such as:

Anne frank author of Diary of Anne Frank 

Eli Wiesel author of Night



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