Hello: Fresh Introductions

A999B922-C15C-4631-9550-8E637C48F1C2Hi, I’m Christina Carpenter, the author of this blog space and the author of the books: Reflections on the eternal lover and Bubble Gum Thoughts. 

Just in case you just found this page and would like to know who I am, here is some background. (Excuse the third-person reference)

ABOUT the author:

Christina is an entrepreneur, writer, and author. As a young girl, she always dreamed of writing for a living. Today she has many desks of which she places her a notebook and pen. The official writer’s office, complete with window and a potted plant, will one day come.  She loves reading, and her love for reading led to a passion for creating fiction.

Her love for fiction also came with a passion for poetic words and self-expression. Her desire is to find peace and a voice that came through poetry. Poetry has quick, smooth lines that convey a story and a message. She never took poetry classes, but the flow of wording came naturally. She felt called to do it based on her need to create. It was also inspired by many years reading her bible and having convictions that needed a place to be let out.

While working on her bachelor’s degree in nursing at Hunter College, she
found it was possible to have a voice and to have a platform as she worked in the school library. Seeing all the other books and writers in the library that gave her life on the inside of her.
It was then that she knew from that day that she wanted to publish and be on a bookshelf. She saw all the possible creative ways to tell a story, and it invigorated her. She knew one day she wanted to explore the stories that were unique to herself.

One of her favorite authors growing up was Meg Cabot.  February 1st is actually  Meg Cabot’s birthday, so special Happy Birthday Shout out to her.

Ok, back to first-person… phew!
Once I read that this author used her own personal diaries as the content for her books. Once I read that, it gave me ideas on how to write and hope to start journaling as a way to build content for one day when I would write my future books.
I even wrote a fan letter to the author Meg Cabot, personally to praise her work. To my amazement, the author sent back a thank you letter with a girly book of stickers and a promotion for her next book coming soon. It was so refreshing to receive this. It wasn’t much, but Meg Cabot was my role model. Just the fact that she was already on to her next book gave her excitement!
The fact that someone can do an excellent job and then start on another creation. Meg’s career as an author brought great hope. I wanted to do the same as Meg Cabot and always come out with another book. Just keep writing is my motto. The ability to continue creating and recreating a craft is admired. This is something I want to also, as well.

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